The Arrival

Bristol has had her puppies early for the last two years, so I kept my eyes on her from ten days out. With some dogs there is a drop in temperature nearing birth, and some of my girls won’t eat when it gets that close…none of these apply to Bristol. So, each night I’d wake up every couple hours and check the puppy cam. No puppies. Just a snoring mama. Thursday night was a late night-I checked in on Bris at about midnight. She was a bit restless (not typical), and I thought, this is it! But after thirty minutes she settled down and went to sleep, so I did, too. I jolted awake at 3:30am and checked on Bris, all eight puppies were born. What!?!  I love being with moms as the pups are born. It’s like Christmas to see what’s coming next, and, of course, to offer any assistance as needed. But Bristol did just fine without me (a blow to my ego, but that’s okay). Now the work fun begins!