Jaina’s puppies are here!

Jaina’s due date of Thursday came and went without any indicators that puppies were soon to arrive. I knew a had a full day on Saturday with church activities and soccer game, so I was REALLY hoping that the puppies would arrive beforehand. Friday night, Jaina started getting restless and I had my fingers crossed that she’d move along smoothly. It wasn’t until 11:30pm that the first puppy made her appearance. Rose was fine, but mom didn’t realize she was expected to¬†do something with this new arrival! But after a quick clean up, she settled in and seemed quite fascinated with her first arrival. Finn didn’t arrive for another hour, making his birthday (and the rest of his siblings) officially Saturday, June 9th. With an average pf an hour in between each puppy, all five arrived safely by 3:30am and Jaina had the hang of the “mom thing.” She’s going to do great and what a beautiful litter of puppies! We are all so excited to nuture and love these little ones!